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All About Pregnancy

Guide to Postpartum Depression and What Husbands Can Do About It


One in seven women who have just given birth experiences postpartum depression. And when this happens, husbands can feel confused, annoyed, scared, sad, worried or maybe a combination of these feelings. You just want her to be happy and you can't understand what is wrong with her. You get confused because as a new mom, she should be happy because of the baby, but she is not.


Postpartum depression is a biochemical disorder which is not anyone's fault. However, you can't fix it like you can fix things but it is your job to support her as she recovers. The signs of postpartum depression includes anxiety, lack of energy, frequent crying, inability to sleep at night even when the baby is already sleeping, low self-esteem, guilt feelings, appetite problems, etc. Postpartum blues usually goes away after two weeks so if she still has these symptoms after that then she needs help. You should call a healthcare practitioner that you trust and ask to be referred to a therapist who specializes in postpartum depression. Click here for tips on trying to get pregnant!


Here are some guidelines to help you to help her and your relationship.


Sometimes all the wife needs is assurance that her husband supports her. You can ask her what she wants to hear for you as a sign of reassurance and say those words to her often.


You should share responsibilities at home. Even if a new mom is not depressed you cannot realistically expected her to cook dinner and clean the house with the new baby around. She may have guilt feelings over this and worry that you will be disappointed with her. You should tell her that you are also part of this household and thus can share the responsibilities. Taking care of the house is also your job and not just hers. This will help your relationship to become stronger during this time of crisis.


A woman who newly gave birth needs 5 hours of uninterrupted sleep per night to receive a full sleep cycle and restore her biorhythms. You can take your turn caring for the baby at this time when she is fast asleep. Nighttime caring by dads has actually made them closer to their children. And, if you can't take care of the baby at night, you can hire someone who can take your place. A temporary baby nurse will help greatly especially if you have to leave the house early for work. Click here to know about postpartum depression treatment