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All About Pregnancy

Essential Concepts About Pregnancy And Postnatal Depression


It is inevitable for women to feel depression after giving birth. This depression is often referred as postnatal depression which can either be mild or average but the good thing is it can be remedied through medical treatments and psychotherapy. However, if by any chance the depression is extremely high then both medications are given to the patient.


Women who are vulnerable to this kind of depression are those who were able to experience premenstrual syndrome. Women suffering from this condition have a feeling of affection to their child however in their mindset they see themselves as unfit and not good enough to become a mother of their child.


There are tons of reasons why women suffer depression because of pregnancy. There are two aspects that is the primary cause of this condition, first is the situation itself, some women find it vexing to have a child which increases their stress level and the second one is hormonal changes which give off chemicals that affect how women perceive things. There are even instances in which the cause of depression is unidentified which makes it more difficult to diagnose and treated.


Postpartum depression symptoms , some women can experience a drastic lowering of their thyroid hormones after delivering a baby. There are many effects brought by the lowering of thyroid hormones, this include irritability, sudden change in their mood,  fatigue, insomnia, changes in appetite, an increase or decrease in their weight, extreme anxiety, suicidal notions and even trouble in focusing. . Blood test can be done in order to determine whether the cause of a woman's depression is related to a decrease in the level of thyroid hormone. If this is the case, then there are some treatments given after pregnancy to regulate thyroid level and alleviate the depression that a woman is experiencing.


Different Types of Depression After Pregnancy


Changes in the mood, behavior and other stuffs after a woman's pregnancy can be categorized into three - baby blues, postnatal depression and postnatal psychosis.


The first one is called baby blues is more prevalent to new mothers that usually take place a couple of weeks after giving birth. If this kind of condition is experienced by a woman, they might feel extreme happiness or sadness, in fact some women just cry for no reasons at all. But more likely, this is just normal and often it disappears after two to three weeks even if no medications were given, tips for breastfeeding here!